Towelroot Apk Download for PC, Laptop Free 2016

towelroot apk download for pc

Towelroot Apk Download for PC free: Towel Root App is a great rooting app for your android device. With the help of this app you can root the all the application running your android app. And having an Android device, you must keep a rooting app for taking full control over your phone system. On AdamobyDell, Today We’re sharing about towelroot apk download for free.

Note : You might see ads while running any app on your android mobile. Do checkout and install adaway for android to avoid those ads and make it a ad free experience 😉

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Towelroot is a special app created by the GeoHost which help many user to get access to the unknown source file of the device and manage them for their own good. Rooting android device is also considered as jail breaking in any device as they can install or uninstall anything. Even if the app or file restricted by Google, you can still install or download the app. And also you can uninstall that application which are provided in the device or send and share the file to the other device etc.

towelroot apk download for pc

So when it comes to operate such tricky stuffs in phone is quite not favourable but using them in PC can take more advance control for such customization in your device. Thus here beow we will discuss for downloading Twoelroot apk in PC for free.

Methods for Towelroot APK download for PC and Android

If you are having an android device, you must have this rooting app for more critical access in your device. Towelroot app is flexible for iPhone too, so to download it in your phone or PC; let us discuss more clearly in the following.

How to download Towelroot apk in android

To download Towelroot in your device, you must go to the official website of Towelroot and download the APK file. One of the best Towelroot apk alternative is here, iRoot Apk – which will help you to root your android mobile.

  • Click on the given link below for entering the Towelroot apk downloader
  • Now click on the Android app downloader for downloading the app
  • Once installed, you can run the app by clicking- Make It Rain
  • Finally your device is rooted and you can get full access

Click Here to download for Android device

How to download Towelroot apk in android

Now for downloading and operating the Rooting app in your PC need different procedure to follow. You have to get install the Bluestacks Android emulator for running the Android app in your PC. So first download the Bluestack app- Download here

  • Once you have successfully  install the Bluestacks, you can use the Towelroot app in your PC
  • To download the Towelroot apk file, you must click on the link given below
  • Click on the windows download and proceed further
  • Once download, open the Bluestacks android emulator and open the Towelroot app.
  • And now click on the Make It Rain for getting access into the device through rooting

Click here to download


So these are some of the important process by which you can easily get access into the device application and interact for managing and customizing your device. Rooting device is very unhealthy for any phone company, so they are not found in the Google Play store, so to use them you must download the APK file and install it in your device.


Top 7 Best Torrent Sites 2016 List : Torrenting Sites

best torrent sites

Top 7 Best torrent sites: If you are searching for the best website for downloading data like movies, videos, games and many more you will find absolutely free in top torrent sites like a kickass torrent and pirate torrents this are the top 2 torrent websites till now. You can easily use the torrent site in your windows and Mac PC. This site is very easy to use you can find what you want to download easily. You will get absolutely free of cost to download quality data and files. The torrent site is one of the best sites for downloading any kind of data or files.

For downloading any kind of data like audio, video, games, movies etc is very easy in the torrent website. You just need to find best torrent sites like kickass or pirate etc. After finding the torrent site you just need to select your chosen file and find out seeder and leacher of your file. And if you want to download quality files your seeder points have to be larger than leacher points.

best torrent sites

Top 7 Best torrent sites of 2016

Torrent sites are basically used for downloading a different kind of data like audio, video, games, files and many more. Below we shall discuss the top 7 best torrenting sites of 2016.

  • Kickass torrent

Kickass torrent is one of best sites, which was founded in 2009 and this site is very popular till now. This site made a brilliant remark in the field technology. You can download absolutely free movies, games and many more. You will also get details of seeder and leacher which will help you to select the quality file before you download.

  • Pirate bay

One of the main piracy icons is pirate bay. It has millions of users till now. This site provides daily updates and you can easily download latest videos, games, movies and many more. So if you are eagerly waiting for the free download of latest videos, music, games etc here is it. Just type pirate bay and enjoy the free downloads. This is one of the best websites among many other websites in the world.

  • Torrentz

It has been a leading BitTorrent Metasearch engine for many years and it will be easy for you to find out any data you want to download. Torrentz is also one of the favorite of people choice. Here you will find latest videos, music, files, games etc. this sites is also one of the best among torrent websites like kickass and pirate torrent websites.

  • Games torrents

If you are looking for latest games for downloading, here is the best website for you. Games torrent offer you absolutely free download with latest games in the market. Games are very good which will support in windows and Mac etc. so this the right place if you are looking for downloading games and many more data.

  • Torrent funk

This is also one of the best websites among other websites of torrent sites. If you are looking for downloading movies, videos, music, latest games all you will get absolutely for free. So hurry and visit the website of torrent funk and enjoy downloading free videos and games.

  • YIFY Torrent

This is also one of the best sites of torrent. Here you will get high-quality movies, videos and many more. You will also get 3D games on this site. This site is virus free which will protect your system.

  • Bit Torrent

This site is also one of the best as millions of users using this site for downloading videos, movies, games and many more. Downloading is simple just you need to click the download button and it will automatically get downloaded.


The above mentions are the torrent websites of 2016. This website offers free downloads of movies, videos, games and many more. So if you are looking for quality websites for downloading latest games and movies here is it.

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Download Xender Apk for PC, Android Free : Xender App Download

xender for pc

Download xender apk for your android device now and transfer media at lightning fast speeds between other android devices. Download xender app for android from our provided link and get the smallest offline installer zipped file to install xender apk on your android device.

Don’t you get frustrated when you are trying to share a media or a data file with any of your friends or with any other android device and it is taking ages just to transfer the files via Bluetooth? Yes you can always share your media through social platforms such as Whatsapp and Facebook but it costs you data and even there is a limit of sending and receiving files. You need a better alternative to share your files with any other android or windows device.

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xender for pc

Download the xender app for your android device and share all your media and data files at high speed via a private wireless network. There are many alternatives of xender apk for android such as shareit and beam but there are many features that make xender app the best overall app in its category.

Xender Apk for Android

First of all xender app is the most compatible app which works on almost all android devices so it does not matter if you are having an android device of older or newer version of android running on it. Also do checkout everything about xender for pc download in this post.

Second best thing about the xender app is you do not have to turn off the data connection of your android device when you are trying to transfer media and data files between two or more android devices whereas the shareit application for android makes you turn off the data connection before proceeding to transfer the files.

Third best thing about the xender app for windows phone and xender app for android is that you can connect any number of devices to send them the same thing at once. It means that the sending device will create a private network and all the other devices can join that private network. All the other devices that have joined the private network will receive the files sent by the first device simultaneously so you can save a lot of your time if you have to share the same thing to many android devices.

The interface of the xender apk is very simple and you will have no problem using it because you will get used to it as soon as you run it. The animations are pleasing and with all the beautiful looks it is efficient too. One more thing that gives the xender apk edge over other similar apps is that you can use xender apk on you PC as well. Yes, you can download xender for PC and use it to transfer media and data files between your computer and android device.

Download and Install Xender Apk for Android

Follow the below given simple steps to download the xender apk for android and run it on your android device to transfer files over a private wireless network. Use the following method for xender app download:

  1. Connect your device to internet and open play store, search for ‘xender app’ in the search box and install the xender app from the google app store.
  2. If you are facing any difficulties downloading and installing the xender app on your android device using the google play store, follow the below given steps to install the xender app on your android device using our provider working download links.
  3. First of all download the apk files of the xender app suing our provided working download links.
  4. After the completion of the download, locate that downloaded file using your file explorer. Open the file and you will see the option to install that app on your android device, click on install and it will install automatically.
  5. Open xender apk in the menu and enjoy transferring files to other android devices and PC as well if you have it preinstalled on your PC.

Thank you for downloading the xender app for android and feel free to reach us with your queries regarding the installation procedure of the download xender for android using the comment section below, we will be happy to help you as soon as we can.


Fix DNS server not responding Error – 3+ Ways

DNS Server not Responding : The Domain Name Server is the server that translates the website’s address so that your browser can have access to that website. Are you getting DNS error every time you try to load a website? You can run a few tests to find out where the real problem lies, is it the system that is causing the trouble, the original computer that you are using to connect to a specific website or the WiFi router that you are using to connect to the web or the site is down, you can find out where the real problem lies just by following simple steps and sets of instructions and that will lead you to understand what is causing the DNS problem while trying to load the website. Everything related to DNS Server not responding error fix is given in this article, do let us know if you’re looking for anything else. 

fix dns server not responding

fix dns server not responding

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What is DNS Server Not Responding Error?

Sometimes the problem is not in the equipment, it is in the software that you are running on your system and the network you are trying to connect to. Maybe you just lost connection to the server’s end and the equipment is working fine but you are just not able to connect to the specific website that you desire just because of the error in the server’s end. The other reason can also be the corrupt settings and you may not be able to connect to a webpage sue to the corrupt settings. Either way, if you are facing difficulties while trying to load a website or webpage on your computer and you are facing DNS error, you need to check out and try these steps to find where the real problem actually lies. Get to know all about how to fix dns server not responding error below without facing any trouble. 

Fix DNS Server not responding error

You have a WiFi router and the computer you have connected it with is showing DNS error then what you need to do is connect another device to that WiFi router of yours. It may be a smart phone, a laptop, a tablet, another computer or any other device wirelessly or wired to that WiFi router which was initially connected with the computer you faced the DNS error on. You can connect any device you want with internet access after you connect it to the WiFi router so that you can perform the check using that device.

What you need to do is just try to type that exact same web address that showed DNS error originally on the first computer and try to visit the same web page to see if you are able to see the webpage or not. Make sure the device you connected is working properly and has no issues regarding the usability and internet connectivity. Now when you try to visit the exact same website again using the other device, notice if you face the DNS error on the second device that you connected with your router or not. If you are getting the DNS error on the second device too then friend your WiFi router is fried and it has technical problems due to which it is not functioning as it is supposed to. On the other hand if you do get to the desired website using the second device which is connected to the same WiFi router which was connected to the first computer through you tried to access the website and you were not able to and which showed DNS error then you have a nicely functioning WiFi router but the actual problem lies in the first computer which was used to access the website in the first place. The error may also be in the connection settings between the WiFi router and the computer and the wired connection may also be the real problem after all causing this DNS error to pop up.

Problems caused by DNS Server not responding

If it didn’t solve the problem, unplug your modems’ cable and router’s power cable as well. Let them stay unplugged for 30 sec to one min so that the residual charge is released and the memory is cleared. Now after waiting for that long, reconnect your modem and router to your computer and boot up all the three things. Now reconnect and establish a stable connection with the computer and try to connect to the website it has been failing to load, if that too did not solve the problem, move on to the next paragraph to know the solution.

Try to install other browsing software on your computer. Firefox, chrome and many good and free internet browsers are available for you to download for no charge, download them and install on your computer. Now after installing a different browser on your computer try to re visit the web page you have been facing difficulties and getting the DNS error on. The browser does not cause the DNS error but the reason for this step is to skit the settings on the old browser because they may be the real reason behind this DNS to pop up every time you try to visit that specific webpage.


Sometimes windows automatically creates an extra connection that you do not use but it is there, disable it and see if it has any effect on the error you have been getting. To disable it, press the window key on your keyboard and search for “ncpa.cpl” using the search section. You will see the list of all your past connections, all the ones you have used or still are using on your computer. There are many known auto connections that may create the DNS error to pop up that are created automatically by windows, the most common is named “Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter”, if you see this just right click on its thumbnail and select disable from the options. Test your connection again, try reloading that same web page again and see if it works or not, if probably will work this time and you will be able to surf the internet without a glitch thereafter and you will not face DNS error again using any of your browsers.

I hope this will fix your DNS server not responding error easily without facing any trouble. Do let us know if you’re looking for anything else.

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India vs Pakistan Live Streaming, Score Watch Online 2016

india vs pakistan live streaming score

India vs Pakistan Live Streaming|Ind vs Pak Live Streaming : Cricket is the most beloved sports of both India and Pakistan. Decade by decade, the popularity of cricket in both of these countries is reaching great heights. Not to impune the popularity of Cricket but still there are some matches which do not get as much viewers as Ind Vs Pak Live Stream.

ICC World Cup India Vs Pakistan cricket match is the most loved and anticipated cricket match among every type of cricket matches. India and Pakistan are known to be arch rivals in the cricket field. So are the fans of both of these teams. Everyone wants their team to come out as the best team. With World Cup going on, the anticipation of the match between these two teams is at its peak. The next match between these two teams is scheduled to be played on 19th March 2016. If you are looking forward to the game then you have landed on the right post.

india vs pakistan live streaming score

In this post, we are going to cover various things on the match which include Ind Vs Pakist Live Streaming, Watch Online and Score Commentary . Checkout ICC World Cup Ind vs Pak Live Streaming 2016:

India Vs Pakistan Live Streaming(ICC World Cup)

India Vs Pakistan match is one of those things which no cricket fan wants to miss out on. This cricket match is awaited by millions around the world and we know that you would do anything to catch the game live. India Vs Pakistan 19 March 2016 Cricket match will be shown live on StarSports and DD National.

The timing of the match is not out yet but we will update you with the timings as soon as there is any information released by ICC on when the match is going to air.

World Cup India Vs Pakistan Watch Online

Well, no matter how much excited you are for the ICC World Cup India Vs Pakistan Live on 19 March if you don’t have the time to watch for any reason say your work is cross checking with the timing of the match then we know that you must be feeling qite uneasy and disappointed. Well, we have a solution for this problem of yours.

If you are unable to catch this one hell of  a match between India and Pakistan on 19 March due to any reason then the good news is that you can live stream the match and watch it online. You can probably watch the match on the hotstar app or by going to the official website of Star Sports.

ICC World Cup India Vs Pakistan Live Score 2016

We already discussed how you can catch the most anticipate game b/w these two teams live online but what if you don’t have access to both your television at home or  a high speed internet connection or data. Well, in this case we know you would just want to check the scores and the commentary on the game ball by ball.


You can easily check out the score commentary and latest updates on the India VS Pakistan 2016 match by going to the official website site of StarSports or by going to the very popular unofficial websites like Crickbuzz, CricInfo and so on. Score Commentary will help you save both your time and data on the match.

Final Words

In this post we discussed various things on the India Vs Pakistan 2016 World Cup match which is scheduled to air on 19th March 2016. Tickets of this match had started booking a very long time ago. The match is one of the most awaited and anticipate match of 2016 as it is between the two teams which have so much history in between them.

I hope this post was able to provide you with the details you needed to know. If you have any queries about the India Vs Pakistan 2016 ICC World cup match or any other questions on this post or other aspect of the blog then feel free to leave them in the comments section below. Also, comment your opionions and predictions on the India Vs Pakistan 19 March 2016 cricket match below. Stay tuned to our blog for more such latest updates, feeds, articles and overviews on cricket and other sports.